Animal Research And Human Beings

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The idea that humans and animals are so different that testing and research on animals is irrelevant to human beings is a claim which has been refuted due to decades of cures and treatments unearthed by such research. However, scientists have uncovered evidence showing that mice are incredibly similar to human beings in genetic composition. Because of this, as stated before, the value of human lives must be weighed against the value of the genetically similar rat. It is also important to note the progress which animal research has taken thus far in the scientific community. Through animal research, the number of Polio cases dropped by hundreds of thousands between 1988 to 2012. Additionally, medications and or vaccinations were discovered to treat cancers, malaria, cystic fibrosis and many other debilitating diseases primarily because scientists utilized in animal research. This is conclusive evidence indicating that animal research is applicable to human beings as well. Though there are few mistakes and slip ups which occur in experimentation, the value of the amount of people who have lived fulfilling lives because of animal research is indisputable. Additionally, medications and vaccinations for animals themselves have been created which aid in the reduction of disease among animals. Those who argue for equal consideration of animals and humans should be relieved at the progress which science has made in order to reduce the pain and suffering of thousands of animals. Scientific knowledge has increased greatly as well. The entire practice of zoology would be greatly hindered if scientists were unable to observe animal behavior. Animal rights activists claim that animal research should not be permitted because it removes animals... ... middle of paper ... ...e important and can lead to elimination of violence against animals in this way, the alternatives available currently do not pose enough benefits to discontinue animal research. Legislating the regulation of animal research, exemplary in regions such as the United Kingdom, will allow for scientific knowledge and pharmaceutical production to progress but is also intolerant towards torture and abuse against animals. This policy should exist because the benefits which humanity and the animal kingdom reap from this form of research are much greater than the minimal and meager injustices towards lesser, uncultured animals. The current alternatives to animal research available are both impractical and economically strenuous. Scientists should continue to create and discover better alternatives to animal research, however, a regulated form of this is a blessing to society.

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