Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Animal Farm - Orwell

Animal Farm.

Orwell (who's real name is Eric Blair) wrote animal farm in 1943 to

describe how he felt about dictators and leaders during revolutions. A

good example of this is Russian revolution (the events of which are

paralleled in Animal Farm), Orwell believe that once leaders had

achieved their goal, they should resign and let the community take

over and a committee should make the decisions. However in the Russian

revolution Josef Stalin (the leader in this case) did not resign and

(in my words) became corrupt, as he thought that Capitalism no longer

communism was the best way to go, the idea that the original plan that

even was equal got thrown out the window after the revolution. People

greed and hunger for power is overwhelming and each time someone has

obtained this power it has been met with by conflict. The only way the

human race has progressed (shall we say) is by the slaughter of one

another. Most wars are a good example of this. However when someone

does come to total power (totalitarianism) the community don't realize

what power they have in these situations. If one worker refuses to do

his duty then he is met with conflict and is set t death or another

form of punishment, but if the mass of them form together and protest

then there is little that the person with total dominance can do, he

has to met the problem with another solution than conflict, he has to

agree to something that is in the best interest of the people. They

see what will happen to an individual and become scared and don't have

the courage to stand up for what they believe is right. As we see in

Animal Farm.

In Animal Farm the animals (which represent workers) rebel against Mr

Jones and his ways, because it was the last wishes of a dying pig. Mr

Jones, the original owner of the farm forgot to feed them and always

treated them like badly.

In Animal Farm, the animals rebel against Mr Jones because the 'Old

Major' told them to as a last request before he passed away. He had

the idea of a perfect society in which animals would rule and everyone

would have equal opportunities. As Mr Jones never treated them

correctly or had any respect fop the animals. Old Major had a dream

that he and the others should rebel and stand up for what they

believed. Old Major came up with a speech and suggested that the

animals should break free and eat their fill when they felt like I,
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