Andy Warhol

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As a profound influence on the twentieth century pop art movement, Andy Warhol ascended to become a cornerstone in the modern art world. After taking cues from society in the mid-twentieth century, as well as conversing with Muriel Latow, Warhol did what many artists strived to do but failed. Andy also extracted many of his ideas from other artists and built on them. He put a culture on canvas and revolutionized pop art for a life time. The nineteen sixties, seventies, and eighties were periods of self righteousness and discovery. With many new styles and beliefs arising during those eras, Warhol’s imagination would begin to produce ideas that were unheard of but revolutionary at the same time. American values were altered and so Warhol saw a chance to highlight how easily people are influenced by the media and pop culture. He used many aspects of the new cultural society to create his artwork. Warhol created his pieces by discovering what was popular, what stood out in modern art, and also something with standard American values. Warhol also took everyday objects and turned them into pop art sensations. He realized that the majority of the United States went food shopping and decided to create a line of supermarket products. This line of Warhol’s included the very popular Brillo boxes, price tags, the banana, and Coca-Cola bottles (Wrbican). His creation of Coca Cola Bottles in 1962 became very popular. The bottles are in the everyday life of an American which made them very familiar with practically everyone. “Warhol used to identify the nature of the great American society, anonymous and consumerist, devoted to conformism and with a pride in unanimity, was the ubiquitous Coca Cola bottle- “(Copplestone 12). To Warhol... ... middle of paper ... ...l wrote Capote fan mail, called him, and even went as far as to waiting outside his apartment everyday (Bourdon 31). Warhol invested much of his time in reading and recreating Truman’s stories through art. Although very few people enjoyed his drawings of Truman Capote’s short stories, Warhol admired him very much. To create a new type of art during a time of discovery and trends in such a diverse country is a very big deal. But, to further create a lasting impact on society forty years from then is amazing. Andy Warhol has been called the “Prince of Pop” mostly for his profound achievements as a pop artist of the 20th century. His artwork is based off of the American society during the nineteen fifties to the seventies. Warhol sparked a revolution in art by developing Latow’s and Capote’s ideas. He will forever be remembered as an engineer for the basis of pop art.

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