Ancient Americas Dbq

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“Some of the world’s greatest inventions came from China.” Much of the world today has still been undiscovered. But without the compass the Chinese and Americans might not have known each other existed. With the compass, explorers were able to navigate their way through many of the seas and land into the Western Hemisphere.
One reason the compass is so important is because it helped sailors navigate their way across the seas and lands. According to Journey Across Time, “About 1150 Chinese sailors began using the compass to help them find their way. This lets ships sail farther from land.” (page 420) This stated that without the compass Chinese sailors wouldn’t have been able to find their way across the sea and discover many parts of the world we know of today. Ancient China Inventions also thought the invention of …show more content…

According to Document four, “The invention of the compass largely helped the explorers during the Middle Ages discover the Western Hemisphere of the world.” This additionally stated that without the compass, explorers wouldn’t have been able to discover the Western Hemisphere. Leaving the Chinese to not know about the Americans. Lastly, the compass didn’t just allow us to discover parts of the world, but it also helps us navigate our way when traveling. For example, when going on vacations and traveling, we are going to need to have some way of direction in order for us to know where we’re going. Today, we have our phones and maps to help us navigate our way to different parts of the world. However back then the Chinese and Americans didn’t have electronic devices to help them navigate their way through different parts of the world. All three of these quotes

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