Anaylsis of Forrest Gump

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Anaylsis of Forrest Gump

There is a huge difference between very bad movies and

very good ones. That's because films can be on either side

of the quality scale. A good movie has the ability to

burrow deep into the subconscious, with unpredictable and

occasional remarkable results. A great work of art can

cause euphoria, touch a deep emotional chord, or, in rare

cases effect fundamental changes in a persons outlook on

life. A movie that can do all of the above and more is

Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is a movie with a great cast, a

good moral lesson and a refreshing outlook on life.

Forrest Gump has a great cast including two times Oscar

winner Tom Hanks, Sally Fields, and Robin Wright. In this

movie We have a special bond with Tom Hanks which plays

Forrest Gump. We saw him in Big go from a boy to a man in a

result of an ill-advised wish at the carnival. Now we see

him play that innocent boy again. In some ways, Forrest

Gump represents a return to the theme of his earlier movie.

In this case, the main character(Tom H...
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