Analysis of the Use of Film Trailers and Film Posters

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Analysis of the Use of Film Trailers and Film Posters Film posters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Some have appealing pictures on that target a particular age group, some are for a general audience, but they all use the same things on the poster. Anchorage, Alliteration and Eye catching devices. You can find them at a wide range of places, like at the cinema inside and out, or on big billboards, or even in town. But they all have one target in mind, to make you spend your money to see that movie. I shall be looking at what makes a film poster a good film poster. And then I will give an example of a good film poster with all the things I describe. To begin with I am going to be looking at the general make up and the ingredients of most film posters. Normally on a film poster it has one main picture, of the main actor/actress or a scene from the movie itself, taking up the whole page. Then using anchorage on top of the picture at the very top, it will probably have reviews from film critics and other famous, and respected organizations such as newspapers and TV stations such as the BBC. These reviews will be only one sentence so that they can fit at least three or four on to the poster. This will take up about the quarter of the poster. The review that praises the film the most will probably be in really big, bold lettering, so that it can attract a passer-by to make them believe this film is really good. Underneath the reviews will be a quote. The quote won't be very big but it will be big enough to be viewed from a small distance. The quote could contain alliteration and be in a stylish font to also attrac... ... middle of paper ... ... humour that is all around the set not just what they say. The voice over stops at about a quarter of the way through and the music carries on, but that is in the background because it starts showing funny situations and the cast also says funny things. Then at about three quarters of the way through the voice over starts again. This time he says the release date. But then he stops and so does the music. The unique selling point for the movie is the fact it is a remake of the original Oceons 11. I have just gone over the two main types of advertisement, Posters and Trailers, although they are similar they a different in loads of different ways. They both say things to the target audience through different ways. One uses colour and big writing the other sound. Overall, they are both very effective ways of advertising.

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