Analysis of the Film The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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The movie that I choose to watch is “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. In class we learned that primates have different categories. The categories include; movement, reproduction, intelligence and behavior patterns. In the movie, the main ape, Caesar, as well as the other primates in the movie shows examples of these categories. Although, like most modern day movies, some behaviors and characteristics are not true and do not relate to the material that we studied in class.
This film was made in 2011 starring James Franco as the main character, Dr. Will Rodman. The movie takes place in San Francisco, where Will works in a laboratory hoping to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The main thought in Will’s head every day, is trying to save his father. Charles, Will’s father, suffers greatly from this sickness and even the hired nurses have all given up on his recovery. Charles and his team came up with ALZ-112 which is a shot that they hoped would be the scientific breakthrough that they’ve been hoping for. The ape he tested the ALZ-112 on showed rapid results of increased intelligence level. Along with the increased intelligence level, the ape’s eye color had changed from a dark brown to a bright green, giving her the nick name “Bright Eyes”. While Will was showing his boss videos of Bright Eyes preforming tasks with remarkable results, his boss was very impressed. During the presentation, Will’s coworker, Franklin, tried to remove Bright Eyes from her cage. Bright Eyes was not happy with them taking her from her cage, she ran around the lab destroying everything in her path. The boss ordered Franklin to kill the ape, thinking that her behavior was a side effect of the ALZ-112. Little did they know, Bright Eyes was only bei...

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...see, like monkey do”. At the end of the movie, we see Caesar riding a horse. This is a part of the movie that I found to be quite comical. In the movie we never saw any horses, so for Caesar to know how to climb on a horse and to ride it is too far fetched. Also in the movie Caesar was able to talk by the last scene. This is not true, primates like Caesar are able to learn sign language and other ways to communicate but they are not able to talk.
“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was a very good movie to watch, I would recommend this movie to other students taking this class. The movie portrayed primates in the way we learned about them in class although some of their behaviors and characteristics were not always true to what we learned. The movie did do a good job with showing the categories that primates have although some of their behaviors were exaggerated.