Analysis of Twelfth Night

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Analysis of Twelfth Night

The story starts out with a shipwreck and two siblings, Sebastian and

Viola, being separated because of it. Viola and Sebastian are almost

identical twins. If it wasn’t for their dress and attitude, they could

not be known apart – despite they are of opposite sex. The captain,

and a few others onboard the ship, survive the crash and they saved

Viola and brought her to shore. The captain of the vessel reassures

Viola that her brother may be alive since he saw him get onto a mast

before the wind swept him out of view. The place they had landed,

Illyria, was governed by a man named “Orsino” – an unmarried man who

is in love with a lady named “Olivia”. Viola wanted to serve Olivia as

a page but the captain said this would not be possible because she was

very untrustworthy of people since she also lost her brother. Viola’s

next idea was to serve the duke, Orsino, instead. But, to do this, she

would have to dress and be as a man. She was known as Cesario. Orsino,

impressed as he was by such a young handsome “boy”, hired Ceserio as a

page. He spent a lot of time with Viola and told her about his love

for Olivia. Over time, Orsino and Viola became very close… and Viola

falls in love with Orsino.

After trying for a very long time to gain the heart of Olivia, he

sends Cesario to woe her. But, since Viola is in love with Orsino

herself, she doesn’t exactly try her hardest to make Olivia fall for

Orsino! However, even after her weak efforts, Olivia does fall in

love… with Viola (who she, of course, thinks is Cesario!) So, Viola

goes back to Orsino, unsuccessful. But Orsino, having none of it, sent

Viola back to Olivia to try once again. This time, Olivia lets Viola

into her house, but Viola does not manage to win the heart of Olivia

for her master. Olivia tells Viola that Orsino is not to send any more
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