Analysis of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Reason for choosing the theme

Literature plays an important part in our life. Readers through literature can gain pleasure, or develops taste and perception. Each nation has its own literature because literature reflects its own national history, cultural tradition, customs, languages and ways of living. So do English and American.

Being a student of English, it is useful for me to study English and American literature. Through the literature words I can know more about history, tradition, customs and people of these countries. Especially, my knowledge of language will be also improved. American literature is very young, though, it is independent from British literature and in fact, it has established its own identify and gained some achievements. American itself has its place in readers' hearts all over the world with beloved author and enjoyable works of literature. One of the most popular writers who lay the foundation for American literature is Mark Twain. He is also one of the leading figures who make deep impact on American literature. As his fellow-the writer Hemingway says Mark Twain creates the greatest American character in the greatest American book. One of his most interesting novels is "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" which gives me the deepest impression. The story is about a boy's adventures only, but under Mark Twain talent pen, it becomes attractive to both children and grown-ups. Through Tom Sawyer, a self-indulgent, mischievous but intelligent, generous and kind-hearted boy, Mark Twain wants to express his profound understanding and sympathy of boy's thoughts, emotions, and dreams with his humorous but gentle smile. He also wants to show his wish to build a better world like Tom's dreams....

... middle of paper ... family and what he has done in the school we can not deny that Tom Sawyer is very kind-hearted and generous boy.

Chapter IV. Conclusion.

"The adventures of Tom Sawyer" is an interesting novel which can make a deep impression on any one who ever read it. Especially, the character Tom Sawyer has attracted readers by his distinctive characteristics. Tom Sawyer appears in front of us both similar and fresh. We find Tom always fresh in every new page of Mark Twain.

"The adventures of Tom Sawyer" not only attracts children by different adventures and tricks of Tom Sawyer but also readers who are adults because through this novel they can return their own childhood which is said to be the happiest time in our lives. Only by having a great love for children, understanding them well and sympathizing them, can Mark Twain wrote such interesting pages about them.
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