Analysis of Macbeth

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The play Macbeth was wrote by William Shakespeare in 1606. The play Macbeth was a myth though in the time of Shakespeare there was a king Duncan and his successor was a Scottish noble man by the name of Macbeth but people are positive that nothing else was true.

The first scene of the play is very short but gives us a good impression on the play. Instead of Shakespeare starting the play showing Macbeth we firstly see the three weird looking witches who introduce us to a dark and evil story line. The opening line, ‘when shall we meet again in thunder lightening or rain’ It trys to draw our attention to witchcraft. In Shakespeare time witchcraft was a great enemy and everyone became captivated by these suspicious witches. In Shakespeare time there was such thing as a ‘witch hunt’ when many people were accused of being witches, the witches were stereo typed as being dark, evil, powers, dress in black and can make things float. In Shakespeare time if you were assumed of being a witch you would be tied up tightly and thrown into the river. If you sunk then you were innocent and if you floated you were a witch. In witches soliloquy there use of language and thinking aloud shows us the witches are bad but powerful.

So far in the play we can see that Lady Macbeth (Macbeth’s wife) is controlling and a bit mad. Macbeth is planning to kill King Duncan but keeps being indecisive weather to or not. We no that Macbeth needs a lot of persuading by lady Macbeth to kill king Duncan but the three witches also took a part in it because if it was not for them he would have never told lady Macbeth about it. Lady Macbeth called Macbeth a coward which was an insult because Macbeth was a brave warrior, and also told him that he was too full of the mi...

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...u can picture in your head what the characters looks like by there use of language that Shakespeare wrote.

The play Macbeth is affective because the language ‘Shakespearian’ says things in shorter form like ‘seat’ – Pleasant location nice setting.

Macbeth’s character was hard to understand to start with because it didn’t introduce him well. His first line in the play ‘so foul and fair a day I have not seen’, by this he means I have never seen a day that is so disgustingly filthy and beautiful, then Banquo says: How far is it to the town of forres? What are these things with shrunken skin and wild clothes (Referring to the witches). So in this part it tells us that they no what the witches look like and that Banquo is looking for the town of forres. The actual play is all about power and greed and is about ambition and succeeding in things( killing king Duncan).
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