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In a recent study that was conducted the rate of individuals attending college has increased. This increase in students comes at a time when the country has been described as being in a recession. With job losses, companies closing and lack of job availability many people are returning to school. This return to the classroom comes at a cost. The rate of college tuition has risen in the last few years. In my home state of Kentucky, it appears both of the major Universities have asked to raise tuition every other year. When college cost rise so does the tools needed to attend college. One of the most expensive tools is books. Last year I enrolled my son in college when calculating the books for his classes, we soon learned that the cost of his books and the cost of my books were almost on month’s salary. My family soon learned if we were going to be able to not only attend college but have the necessary tools needed, we would have to consider alternatives to buying books. I did some research and soon discovered that technology had again come to the rescue. I found a company called Chegg that is an online book rental company. This company provides students with an alternative to buying books by renting them for a portion of the price. According to their article in CrunchBase named “Chegg edit” the company began at Iowa University in 2005 as a “hyper-local” classified directory. It was not until 2007 that the company introduced their textbook rental service. When looking at the company from an Information Systems standpoint I would say it ranks up there with the creative ideas of the century. You go online type in your order and it is processed within a matter of days. During the next portion of this paper we will loo... ... middle of paper ... ... planting of a tree with every rental. Works Cited Associated Press. Barnes and Noble starts textbook rentals”. San Jose Mercury News. 1-11-10 Crain, Marilyn. Non-Fiction Books Examiner. Is it time to rent a book? April 28. CrunchBase. Chegg edit. Forbes Insight. Business Meetings The Case for Face-to-Face. Forbes 2009. King, Peter. A Textbook Case of Renting Books. The Wall Street Journal. April 23, 2009. Schmit, Julie. Chegg CEO Rashid applies Netflix concept to textbooks”. January 2009. _N.htm.

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