Analysis Of White Privilege Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack

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In this article “White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible Knapsack” Peggy McIntosh states positive outcomes upon her own race. She had the time to comprehend that she has many advantages due to her racial group. Racism impacted her to realize how white people can get away with many daily activities and also be put before others. I agree with Peggy, you usually see white as an upper class in this society. Depending on whichever race you are from, it will always is there to impact you in many ways. As Peggy describes when she was educating herself, she concluded that her race is very beneficial to her.
In this society that we are living in, I took into account that after reading the article “White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible Knapsack”, we truly aren’t free. Racism is taken upon society, Peggy states in this article situations in which white people have advantages over other racial groups without realizing it. In Peggy’s eyes it has been a learning experience that’s been taught to her, and realizing her racial boundaries. Peggy has stated, “I see a pattern running through the m...

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