Analysis Of When Things Start To Think By Neil Gershenfeld

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When Things Start to Think It is obvious that technology changes our life a lot. According to “When Things Start to Think” written by Neil Gershenfeld, it shows me that what technology change, why it changes, and how it changes. Neil gives us some examples about technology are connecting with life, and the author gives some positive ideas for some things which are changed by new technology. I want to meanly talking about what technology has changed because it is the easiest one for me to access that. The world has happened a huge digital revolution which already promises for human a future of infinite chance to access at the speed of light, of a globally wired world, of unlimited entertainment and education within everyone ‘s reach, but now …show more content…

From the article, it shows many things in the world which are changed. Some changes are easy for us to see and understand, some of them are not. The digital revolution makes a free world in the internet, and it also gives us a new future. We are going to the future, and it is necessary for us to touch those new things. Many new things come up with the internet, such as, social media, webcast, and vision real, etc. We cannot refuse to use the new technology which are more and more popular, so we have to accept them and try to use them in the best way. The world change faster and faster. In early, the computer was remembered that a large machine which placed in specialized rooms needed to use skilled operators with a limited market, but now the computer is smaller, faster, and easier, and I can even hold my laptop to everywhere. In conclusion, People have to accept the changes in order to make the world better. The real challenge for people is to find a way that to create a system with many components that can work together and change, such as, tradition and advance. The world already had the digital revolution, and the world need digital

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