Analysis Of Vladimir's Love, Time, And The World

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Vladimir has a style of writing that not plain nor simple, but valid and colorful. He uses combination of words that people do not normally think of, not to say use. These combination of words create a splendid and concrete images in the minds of the readers.
This style of writing is dominant in his book, particularly obvious in this chapter. He loves to use colors to describe a scenery. When he describes his pavilion which he visualize in order to compose a poetry, the words elicit this style of writing. “Wine-red and bottle-green and dark-blue lozenges of stained glass,” “the pavilion rising midway like a coagulated rainbow,” “through the two or three glassless or pale-glassed compartments of which, among the bloated blues and drunken reds, one could catch a glimpse of the river,” and “oblique lines of silent gold” are all instances where he uses colors to describe (Nabokov). The color are used to empathize
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Vladimir uses his memory to depict the relationship of love, time and the universe in his opinion in this chapter.
Vladimir sees love and universe are inter-related, as he must understand the distance between himself and his loved ones and have to make a inventory of the universe to capture the feeling of love, just as he explains in the chapter, “[w]henever I start thinking of my love for a person, I am in the habit of immediately drawing radii from my love - from my heart, from the tender nucleus of a personal matter - to monstrously remote points of the universe (Nabokov).” For him, love towards someone is a sensation that expands from his heart to the knowledge of the existence of his beloved ones somewhere in the universe. Then in what way could love affect the sensation of the universe? The sensation of the universe is different because the great emotion that arouse from the love one has. With love in one’s heart, everything seems cuter than they used to
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