Analysis Of Violence A Curse Spell In Pendulum

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Violence a Curse Spell in Pendulum 's “Witchcraft”
Violence against women is a gender based violence because it is targeted specifically to women just for the fact that they are a woman, this can be due to many reasons like the attacker feeling empowered because they think of women as being the weak gender. The United Nations advocates against violence towards women in their Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. They annotate that violence against women is a “manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women” It is something that happens more often that many people realize. Many times this type of violence happens behind close doors and goes to the extremes that many of the victims would not speak
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Listening to “Witchcraft” in a way feels like being in the shoes of a woman suffering from violence by someone close to her, from a relative like her husband or boyfriend. Witchcraft’s first lines start in a very subtle way given it a peaceful tone, the singer starts by singing “it’s in your eye, a color fade out” “looks like a new transition,” he is making it sounds like someone is changing or starting a new chapter in their life. They emphasized this on the next lines (3-4) specially in line 4 where it suggest that by just turning her head in different direction she could start a new different life “turning your head to see a new day calling.” Although the first four lines the singer expressly talks about a change, the second verse starts by asking you a question about your feelings “Does it feel like a head to lean on?” the singer makes this question because although you can be very strong and might not need help from anybody else, there is help out there despite you do not wanting any help. The song continues at “I’m looking for your hand in the rough, You’re caught in the wire. Well, I’ll lift you up” The singer implies that you…show more content…
In the next lines “Just come back from the club” someone has come to her place to visit her, this person maybe a friend or family came at random. “I can 't hear her breathing.” When hearing someone breathing this could mean that the person is probably sobbing, he does not why, but he can sense something is out of place not just from the sobbing but sometimes we can feel when something bad is going to happen or is happening “Something doesn 't seem right.” He then realizes that this person was attacked and her perpetrator is looking for a way to hurt her more “Killer in the hallway” He knows that there is not time and he needs to help her before her attacker gets to her and hurts her more or even kill her. “We 're living on a set time” sometimes there is not time to think too much about our actions, we need to act before it 's too late, sometimes we just need to take action “We gotta get out, Go far away” It is our life and we need to do something about it even if it seems like a mission

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