Analysis Of The Stand Your Ground Law

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The stand your ground law states that it is a form of self-defense that gives people the ability to use deadly force to defend themselves. This is not the main issue with people who disregard the stand your ground law. Peoples distaste for the law stems from how the stand your ground law is used. What I mean by this is that some states have different meanings and interpretations of how the stand your ground law can/is used. The rulings that have rooted the stand your ground law in the United States currently allows forty six states in America to use this as a reasonable defense. (Shapiro,2013) So, where did this all start from? Over a hundred years ago in Indiana Runyon vs State took place. It stated that the way that the American people think does not allow for them to follow a rule which tells them to retreat, but the person being assaulted or threatened cannot be at fault if they are in the right spot at the right time. Thus, allowing him to defend himself using force which in turn lets him exercise his right to self-defense. The reason that the laws of retreat were enacted dates back to the old British law when the deadly weapons used were swords, this was because swords would allow the defense to retreat lessening the amount of blood spilled during the altercation. British law reflects a “deference to the constabulary,” by which the King owed a duty of protection to his subjects. That’s obviously not part of our tradition.(Shapiro, 2013) Despite what gun prohibitionists claim, the no-retreat rule has deep roots in American law. At the Supreme Court, SYG dates to the unanimous 1895 case of Beard v. United States, in which Justice John Harlan affirmed the right to armed self-defense. (Weaver,2008) It is hard to talk about...

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...oper ability to defend yourself, victims will always be on the receiving end of these crimes.
In conclusion, I have shown that while the stand your ground law might not be perfect, there is still a lot of good things that come from it. My only suggestion to take into account when making a law like this is the people's ability to make the decision for themselves without any prior training or knowledge on how force can and should be used in these cases. Our society is always developing and changing, hopefully for the better, but with these changes and new laws will come mistakes and learning. I hope I have convinced you to adopt the stand your ground law on the basis that yes people do not have to retreat as long as they are not doing anything unlawful, but at the same time they are trained in making these decisions or at least held to the same standard.

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