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Bright lights, not one silent fan in the stands and the score is so close. The crowd is cheering on their favorite sports team hoping they get the Big W (win). Americans enjoy watching many different sports from daily basketball games in the fall, to spending summer nights watching the baseball World Series and Sunday and Monday Night American football to name a few. What many do not realize is the amount of injuries a player can sustain throughout their playing career. The crowd is roaring and there is a rumble because the quarterback has made his break and running towards the goal. Now he has one man chasing him, then another. Suddenly, bang he’s hit, he goes down hard. As all the men that have tackled him peel themselves off
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Bennett Omalu is Nigerian pathologists. In the movie Concussions, it starts out observing a former Pittsburgh Steeler football player named Mike Webster. It shows what life after football has left Webster and the peculiar things he does such as living in his car, being homeless and suffering from dementia. In the movie Webster, explains to another former football player Justin Strzelczyk, how he does not want to go to sleep at night. He tases himself in order, to stay awake. During the autopsy, Omalu noted Webster pulled out his teeth and superglued them back together. Bennet examines Webster 's brain and discovers severe head trauma that led to his mental deterioration. This does not sit well with the doctor so he begins to examine the number of head trauma other players such as Webster endure during the…show more content…
His wife demands he get out, he leaves to only turn up dead. Another football player, Terry Long, is reported to have died from drinking antifreeze. Bennet examines them as well and concludes all the former athletes suffered from CTE (IMDb, 2015). All the deaths were sudden and the answers as to why it was happening was limited. There was no diagnosis of the patients due to the limited explanation as to why these once pertinent individuals to the game of football were suddenly killing themselves or doing things that would cause trauma to themselves that ultimately led to their untimely deaths.
Per DSM-5 symptoms and criteria for antisocial personality disorder, there are four criteria the individuals must meet to be diagnosed within these disorders (Porter, 2016). They are as followed: A. Disregard for and violation of others rights since age 15, as indicated by one of the seven sub features:
1. Failure to obey laws and norms by engaging in behavior which results in criminal arrest, or would warrant criminal arrest
2. Lying, deception, and manipulation, for profit tor self-amusement,
3. Impulsive behavior
4. Irritability and aggression, manifested as frequently assaults others, or engages in

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