Analysis Of The Judges Wife

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Upon reading “The Judge’s Wife,” a short story by Isabel Allende, attention comes to the reader that this is not a story to be predictable or unpredictable. Allende captures the readers’ interest by beginning her story with “Nicholas Vidal always knew he would lose his head over a woman” (Allende 370). Allende uses this blunt writing technique that, in the first paragraph, foretells the happening to which the story ends, yet somehow magically makes the reader question the ending as if the reader never knew. It is believable that this is a distraction method. Allende wants the reader to have the whole picture of the story in mind while focusing solely on the words the reader’s eyes follow. It is a commendable technique to which Allende executes quite flawlessly. Then again what is this technique that is so complex and simple at the same time? Well it will take a bit of explaining, but in the smallest description, this technique can be summarized and identified as imagery. From the author’s brain to the audience’s lap, Allende sculpts an incredible visualization to which this story belongs, and not for one second does someone read this and not imaginably see anything but what Allende intended for them. Throughout the story, Allende’s use of colorful words and expressive language to depict the setting and the characters is where she best presents her imagery and distinctive style of writing to the readers. Isabel Allende captivates the readers in her storytelling using creative details to paint a visual representation of her characters along with an unpredictable plot. Imagery is defined as the use of figurative language to represent objects, actions and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses. The author, Isabel A... ... middle of paper ... ... enticing. However, this short story could be explained in so much detail of Allende’s short universe to anybody, and that person would think it is a five hundred-page book. She uses imagery in simple forms by giving an intense dark feeling through just her words, and she uses imagery in complex forms by giving certain explanations through her whole paragraphs. Allende uses imagery through many different uses as a hook to the reader’s mouth. One could question if her work in “The Judge’s Wife” just an example of many and common, and we can just assume that the imagery is complex? Maybe we are just assuming that Allende did all of this on purpose. Nevertheless, maybe the truth is that any reading comes with imagery, and we interpret stories through our own imagination. Either way, her attempts and successes through this story we have here were obvious and enjoyable.
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