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The Grim Sleeper is one of the most gruesome serial killers cases known in United States. The case dumbfounded LAPD for years. The Grim Sleeper left fear in the women of Los Angeles especially African American women who were the target of this merciless serial killer and rapist. The Grim Sleeper case was infamous due to his string of murders spanning through almost three decades.The coalition launched a media campaign and set a monetary reward aiming to capture the killer. Motivations involved in serial killings are fears of rejection, power, and perfection. Serial killers tend to be insecure, and irrationally scared of rejection. Serial killers tend to avoid developing painful relationships. They are terrified of being abandoned, humiliated, …show more content…

This case goes back from the year 1980. A man approached a young woman named Laura Moore at a bus stop in the Spring of 1984. The man disclosed a warning saying “ You shouldn’t be out here alone. Bad guys will pick you up, Let me take you where you have to go.” Moore, 21 at the time , agreed to take the man’s offer. As they both drove off, he then told her to put on her seat belt. When she refused, she states that the man reached under his seat, grabbed a gun and shot her six times. Moore was severely wounded, fortunately she managed to escape, but turned back to study his face. That man was Lonnie David Franklin Jr, now better-known as the serial killer the “Grim Sleeper”. Lonnie David Franklin Jr was convicted of 10-25 women 's murders. The Grim Sleeper murder’s were active during the 1980s and there was a period of time that the killings had stopped. Franklin wanted to keep a low profile. In 2002 the Grim Sleeper’s killing made a surprising return for the community of Los Angeles. For 14 years he remained inactive which raised questions for law …show more content…

Some victims were prostitutes. He picked up the women, either by force or if they were prostitutes, by soliciting them and raping them. Franklin also took photos of his victims with a polaroid camera after his killings. He killed the women by shooting them in the chest with a Titan FIE .25-caliber semi-automatic pistol. When Franklin started killing again in the 2000s, he instead would kill women by strangling them to death after raping them. The Grim Sleeper only used a gun for his final known murders during the 1980s. The victims ' bodies would be dumped in trash dumpsters or dumped in alleys in the south side of Los Angeles. He then covered their bodies with trash. Franklin was profiled as a male based on witness accounts and tended to kill within the same ethnic group of women. His age range in 2008 is believed to have been between 45 and

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