Analysis Of The Exotic Rissole By Tanveer Ahmed

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Speech / Writing Task Today, I will be telling my view on Australian texts. I will be analysing the text “The Exotic Rissole” by Tanveer Ahmed. The Exotic Rissole by Tanveer Ahmed describes the life of a young, bangladeshi boy with the dreams to taste the “Exotic Rissole”. Growing up in sydney is difficult and unfair. All his family ate was rissoles, steak and baked potatoes. That what Tanveer’s friend Daryle ate. Exotic Rissole explores the diverse culture between Australian and Bangladeshi life. Tanveer is a well described character in Exotic Rissole. He makes his ideas and actions very clear about what he wants. I feel as if I am connecting with him is some ways. These ways may be through the restrictions his parents give him or being

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