Analysis Of The Digestion Of Carbohydrates By Salivary Amylase

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In the experiment “Digestion of Carbohydrates by Salivary Amylase” this dealt with a test where amylase was observed from a saliva sample and starch mix. Salivary amylase is a digestive enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch of starch into simpler compounds (Saunders 1). The main function for salivary amylase is to break down starch. When it comes to starches, they are known to be complex carbohydrates. In order to see whether or not the amylase broke down the starch, you can add iodine to the saliva sample and starch mix. When the iodine is added and if the solution remains purple, the starch was not broken down. Although, if the solution turned into a yellowish color the starch was in fact broken down. What this shows is the amylase…show more content…
First, you obtain a sample of saliva and do so by putting a couple of ounces of water in your mouth, swishing it around, and then spitting it into a small cup. Then, you label the two test tubes with your initials on them and labeling them by number one and number two. Then, you add ten drops of starch solution and ten drops of water to the first test tube. For the second test tube you do the same as well. After this is done, you then place both test tubes in the water bath for thirty minutes. When you place the test tubes in there label the two wells of the spot place one and two with the wax pencil provided. Finally, add one drop of the iodine solution to each well. Once this is all done, you can then record and analyze your…show more content…
First, label the three test tubes number one, two, and three. For each test tube, you need to add three mL of vegetable oil. Now for test tubes numbers one and two, you need to add five mL of water. Only for test tube number three add two mL of lipase enzyme. For only test tubes number two and three, add a pinch of bile salts. Once this is all done, mix the tubes by flicking the bottoms. Afterwards, place all three tubes in a water bath for only thirty minutes. Once this is all completed, you can then record and analyze the

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