Analysis Of The Book ' Ida '

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Throughout the semester, we analyzed different pieces of literature and film, which give insight of what the history of Jews of Eastern Europe can be summarized to. The piece that I found to be particularly significant to gain the most insight into the history of Jews of Eastern Europe would be the 2014 movie, Ida. Since Ida depicts the issue that occurred post World War II, where people would discover their Jewish roots, I feel it portrays one of the most important things in modern Jewish history. In the past, being a Jew was mostly seen as something that comes from how religious you are. This can be seen in the times prior to the Haskalah, where your religion completely defined who you were, people had to be identified of being Jewish by the clothes they wore, as well as their knowledge of the Old Testament. By way of contrast, one can see in the movie that for Ida, she may be Jewish in her roots, but still practice Christianity by being a nun. Another key aspect that the movie Ida touches, which I personally feel is significant insight into the history of Jews in Eastern Europe, is the coming back to the Jewish property, and that property being currently owned by a gentile. My grandfather encountered a similar issue when he returned from his birth town of Leipzig after the war. He attempted to go to the house he was raised in, upon arrival he was denied entry by a German man that claimed no Jews ever lived there, which was obviously a lie. Unlike the movie, where the people that were residing in the home actually knew the family and took part in the killing of them, the people living in my grandfathers old home, simply took advantage of the abandoning of home’s and moved in. This aspect of post war Judaism, I find it to be v... ... middle of paper ... ... Instead of having those groups, in Mexico the community is divided by Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Jews of Arabic descent. The divide in the Eastern Europe is similar to the one in Mexico; some groups feel as if they are doing Judaism right, by criticizing the other groups, leading to a divide in the community. I am grateful for the whole structure of the class, which ended by us watching the Movie Ida. I found this film to be particularly significant to gain the most insight into the history of Jews of Eastern Europe, since it uses most of what we learned throughout of the semester and gives a good conclusion. This conclusion is the need to go back to our roots, and learn about our own personal family history. Without Jews knowing their family history, they would loose their identity, and if Jews loose their identity it may lead to Judaism in general being lost.
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