Analysis Of Shiloh By Bobbie Ann Mason

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Bobbie Ann Mason is an American writer and novelist. She wrote many short stories and novels. She won many awards and recognition for all her hard work, including in 2016, Mason was the second living author inducted in the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.
In her short story, “Shiloh,” Mason uses many building blocks of fiction. In this journal entry, I am going to talk about theme, symbol and motif throughout the story. I will show how Mason uses these building blocks to create a meaningful story.
First, Mason uses theme of a switch in gender roles between Leroy Moffitt and his wife Norma Jean. In the story, Leroy injured his leg in an accident a few months ago and now sits around the house like a housewife. He sits at home and build little things from kits and sews a Star Trek pillow cover, which Mabel refers to as what a woman would do. These are things that would most likely seem like what the woman is supposed to do. Norma started lifting weights after Leroy got hurt and always talks about her muscles and goes to body building classes. She seems to be taking on the male role because that is stereotypically what the male does. Leroy complains about taking a job that he would have to …show more content…

The first song Norma plays “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, indicating the way Norma may have felt about Leroy in the beginning of their marriage. Then Norma plays “I’ll Be Back”, in the story it says that after fifteen years of Leroy being on the road, he is finally settling down with the woman he loves. As Norma continues playing songs throughout the story, it seems to start getting to the bad end of their marriage. Norma plays, “Who’ll Be Next in Line”? and “Sunshine Superman”, maybe indicating that she wants to move on and find her superman because Leroy is no superman. Soon Norma just stops playing music at all, showing that she is probably just done with their

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that bobbie ann mason is an american writer and novelist. she won many awards and recognition for her hard work.
  • Explains that mason uses many building blocks of fiction in her short story, "shiloh." they will talk about theme, symbol, and motif throughout the story.
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