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Essay Response In Mr. Brzoska’s class I had to choose four essays to analyze for figurative language. I dreaded the thought of having to read twelve essays, nor did I believe that I would enjoy the readings. When selecting the essays, I was driven by curiosity. I chose DON’T EAT BEFORE READING THIS by Anthony Bourdain, SANDRA BLAND AND OR VULNERABLE BODIES constructed by Roxane Gay, WHY WE CRAVE HORROR MOVIES by the famous Stephen King. Lastly, I selected FROM JAMAICA TO MINNESOTA TO MYSELF written by Marlon James. Before I read DON’T EAT BEFORE READING THIS, I believed the story was about disgusting insects and/or about unpleasant bodily functions. I quickly discovered it was not disturbing as I imagined it would be. The use of similes…show more content…
Although her story is about the corrupted system and cruelty towards African Americans, I first thought it was about a rape that occurred and the victim, Sandra Bland. After being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, the young woman Sandra Bland was treated unfairly through the series of events, ultimately leading to her death. The usage of hyperbole throughout the essay are both exaggerations and the truth The author now feels vulnerable during her daily driving routine because of her skin color. She feels white police officers see the wrong meaning in her skin. “In the color of my skin they see criminality, deviance, a lack of humanity.” Authorities can only see the bad and the stereotypes through her skin color without knowing who she actually is as a person. Her vulnerability is both visible and invisible to the average eye. Her personality is altered by the traumatic event. Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote, “In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body – it is heritage.”; Gay added to this statement by saying, “It is also tradition to try and destroy the black spirt,” America’s traditions do not include destroying black spirts or bodies, however, America does have a reputation for not respectively treating the black body, especially by authority figures. The destruction of her faith in humanity makes her feel as if she is not a living, breathing soul. “I do not feel alive. I…show more content…
In the first essay DON’T EAT BEFORE READING THIS Bourdain wrote humorously, comparing his kitchen staff to “The Wild Bunch”, which was a group of old western outlaws. SANDRA BLAND AND OR VUNRABLE BODIES is far from humorous, Roxane Gay wrote about a serious modern day issue for an African American. WHY WE CRAVE HORROR MOVIES by Stephen King was composed to explain that our insanity drives us towards terrifying motion pictures. Finally, Marlon James sequentially structured FROM JAMAICA TO MINESOTA TO MYSELF to reveal the discovery of himself. Even though the four essays I have chosen are different topics and styles of writing, they all passionately wrote about a subject that is dear to them. Overall my attitude about the essays. The assignment was a learning experience that has changed dreadful thoughts to an open mind breaking a piece down to find a true meaning, through figurative

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