Analysis Of SCADA

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As SCADA systems get larger, they necessarily became connected to other common networks for both economic and technological reasons, which have been finally integrated into the Internet. However this advancement in technology also accompanied new kinds of threats to the industry. The SCADA systems also became revealed to cyber attacks, and thereby the critical infrastructures operated by the SCADA system are also in danger. In this situation it is very important to define and classify the potential risks by the threats for building countermeasures against them. There are various internal threats and external threats to SCADA systems from various categories. In the first category, there is a threat posed by a company’s own employees. Company insiders have access to internal controls and data, and either by accident or malicious intent can cause equipment outages. In the second category, there are organized groups with a specific goal like terrorists. A third category of threat is the threat posed by casual hackers. When considering the closed characteristics of SCADA systems in elec...
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