Analysis Of Revelation By Flannery O 'Conner's Revelation'

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By far Flannery O’Conner story “Revelation” will be one of the most cherish Efictions shorts stories that shows peoples way of thinking of the 19th century. Ms.turpin, Claud , and ugly girl , seem unordinary people that stand out of the book and are common people we seem every day. For instance Ms.turpin was a two face women that will treat people differently just so they could have work harder. “When you got something “she said “you got to look after it.” (701). Not only is she not treating them like humans, she has this code of conduct if she shows them human manners they will believe they are equal. Ms. Turpin was still a nicer women then the others in book. She was more understanding and still looked at the black people more equal than…show more content…
In this era this is a huge step forwards of her willing to do that for the people , unlike other people from the cast that see them as just a pest and nothing more then a bother to earth. “ two things I ain’t going to do love no niggers …. . “(701)( White trash women ,Quote ) . Ms. Turpin is trying to engage the readers to understand why she uses black people for work and do things ordinary white folks don’t do. But there yet she explains she still doesn’t seem them as equals but a more useful material people need to take care…show more content…
He backs ups every time Ms. Turpin responses and listen to every common she says. In away the narrator showed instantly who the leader in the relationship was. “Claud you sit over there” (697). Claud seem as a man that didn’t get much attention from anyone and would make done anything for him to be the laughter and the guy that will be talk bout in a good way. As we all know Claud lifted his pants up to show his leg for no reason just so everyone in the room could have seen his leg and people would have ask. “ Claud lifted his foot in the magazine table and rolled his trouser…”(697). “ “my “ the pleasant lady said “ how did you get that” “ (697). He loved showing an appearance and making the people want to engage him and ask him the reason how it happen. As Claud was the center of the group Ms. Turpin quickly responding “ a cow kicked him “ (698). After she has responded “Claud rolled his trouser leg down”(698). Claud center of attention was quickly taken by his wife. As we all know Claud only spoke afterwards when the women were making racial remarks about black people. Claud join with them talking about how black men having a relationship with white women and having kids. “Claud eyes twinkled “white faced niggers” he said with a never a

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