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Officer Buckle and Gloria is an adorable and humorous book. The way Office Buckle’s dog Gloria steals the show is funny and captivating. Although, when Officer Buckle realizes it is Gloria that everyone pays attention to and not his safety talks he is discourage and quits. Gloria goes to the schools without her partner, but can’t do the show without Office Buckle’s presentation. It is often hard to teach young children the simple rules of life or important lessons to live by and Office Buckle tries so hard when he gives his safety speeches to the children, but they just don’t listen. The part I enjoyed the most in the book was when the children wrote letters to Office Buckle and Gloria appreciating the show on safety. The message of this story was about friendship and working together. As a child many times this book was the only one I liked hearing as my mother read the story to me. Being able to read it again now that I am older I found the book amusing. I noticed a lot of things that I always overlooked as a child. I thought the illustrations in this book made the book very enjoyable with its pictures colorful and very entertaining. Peggy Rathmann is the author and illustrator of Officer Buckle and Gloria. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and grew up in the suburbs with two brothers and two sisters. Ruby the Copycat earned Ms. Rathmann the most promising new author distinction in publishers weekly’s 1991 annual cuffie awards. In 1992 she illustrated Bootsie Barker Bites for her teacher. Good Night, Gloria encouraged by a childhood memory. A book published and recognized as an ALA notable children’s book in 1998 was Ten Minutes till Bedtime. Peggy’s most recent book, The Day the Babies Crawled Away follows the unforgetta... ... middle of paper ... ...kes readers understand the flow of the text in the story because the story is predictable which allows the readers to know or guess what will happen next. The story flows from page to page because it is chronological order from what happened to the result or what will happen next. The author allow for readers to relate to text and self, such as friendship because friendship is a necessary aspect of every human’s life. Even though it’s needed sometimes we as humans have been forced or morally required to end some relationships. Friendship is one of the most important relationships that form our lives. Sometimes someone may be affected by a certain event or person that greatly changed their life. The theme is friendship and how neither Office Buckle nor Gloria would be successful telling safety tips on their own, but how they make a good team when they work together.

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