Analysis Of Now I Become Myself By May Sarton

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I chose the poem Now I Become Myself by May Sarton as my topic for my first Learning Assessment Activity. I will explain how this poem reflects what I have learned in this course, specifically about the life cycles of adulthood, what I have learned about myself, and how I can apply what I have learned in my personal and professional life. What I Have Learned When I read the poem, Now I Become Myself, I was moved by the correlation associated with my own life journey. During this course, we have learned about the life cycles of adulthood. Each phase of the life cycle encompasses new developments with how we uncover our personal traits, goals, values, and purposes as it interlinks itself in each new chapter of our life. The author uses this poem to reflect on the universal lifelong endeavor of learning to know oneself. As we age, we are forced to seriously confront the purposes of our life here on earth. The journey of discovering who we are is often a long one, a winding journey, and one that has almost as many steps back as forward. God gives each of us gifts, and calls each of us to a job or a role in life that will use those gifts in the best way. In essence, we are called to discover who we are, who God has made us to be, and once we find it, to be that person…show more content…
It is the end phases of adulthood as you come to terms of who you are. There is a sense of contentment and fulfillment that your life was meaningful and a valuable contribution to society. Even so, this verse could unveil that others may reflect upon their life experiences as failures as they face death and wonder what their purposes where and if life was worth living. The reader could be left to consider that at the end stages of their life, they did not feel fulfilled and have little time left to make a
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