Analysis Of More Than A Few Good Men

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For this assignment we were required to attend an event that had something to do with the women culture. The event that I choose to attend was called “ More than a Few Good Men: A Lecture on American Men and Violence against Women” and it was presented by Jackson Katz. And although I missed the first 30 minutes of the event, the whole topic of conversation was interesting and fascinating. The event consisted of two parts, the first one being about domestic violence and the second being about the by-standard effect as well as the way that media and movies give young boys their ideas of masculinity. All the information provided was helpful and useful when it comes to trying to understand the reason why men act in a dominant and sometimes an intimidating way towards women. For the first half Katz informed us that if a child witnesses their father or any other fatherly figure act out violence to their mother, not only makes them a not only a witness, but also a victim of the base even if the child is not physically experiencing it. I found this information to be intriguing because one will not normally consider a child to be a victim of the abuse if the child is not receiving it. By acting violent towards a spouse or significant other comes from the idea that men are the ones who need to be in control of…show more content…
And a good example of which characteristics that men and women are”designed” to have are shown in movies that everyday people watch. Theses films portray men to be strong, dominant, and to show no emotion, and because of it many are influenced to act the same. Because they are shown that being violent is always the answer many people are influenced and take part of being violent to a women or even a child, and because showing emotion is not an acceptable characteristic for men to have man do not sow it, and only show their cold
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