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The film ‘Miss Representation’ is an insightful documentary, directed by Kimberlee Acquaro and Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The documentary showcases the shocking reality of female representation in the media, and the resulting image of women in modern society. The documentary draws attention to the hyper-sexualized images of women, especially when compared to the very few positive role models that young women are given, based on women of great substance, leadership and character. More specifically, the film ‘Miss Representation’ focuses on gender misrepresentation in contemporary society and how that impacts the way that society views, and performs within, gender roles.
‘Miss Representation’ demonstrates the way that media directly effects the
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In her interview, she expressed that she and her classmates see in the media is focused on physical appearance, and has nothing to do with the intellectual capacity. According to “Miss Representation”, the image offered by the media stimulates insecurity and anxiety in relation to appearance (Dines and Humez 15). More specifically, up to sixty-five percent of women suffer from eating disorders as a direct result of comparing their own physical appearance, including weight and body shape, to airbrushed models. This negative impression in the symbolic realm, of media, ensures that teenage girls have a skewed perception of their body image as it relates to what “beautiful” is, and a difficult time envisioning themselves in top leadership positions.
The reality is the media prepares young women for a life of menial labor and mid-grade pay, rather than pushing her to pursue leadership and executive success. Women are presented in position of power less than five percent of the time, as it relates to the media depiction of women in business. Girls are, essentially taught that female employees are controlled by, or answer to, male bosses, in nearly every case. This further strengthens the separation between gender role and equality, as it relates to core areas of life, including political representation, and professional

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