Analysis Of Midsummer's Night Dream

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Shakespeare’s literature exemplifies creativeness and powerful word use to create bodies of work with strong attributes that grab the reader’s attention. Midsummer’s night dream is an example of some of Shakespeare’s best work. The thesis of this essay is Hermia’s father, Esues wants his daughter to marry someone that he approves of and more importantly he wants someone for her that is respected by the rest of society to admire. This play has love, drama and characters that follow their hearts. Hermia is told she is not allowed to love or marry Lysander by her father. Her father Esues wants her to marry Demetrius. The setting of the play is taken in Athens. Athens is a place of order and royalty and a place where people are supposed to marry…show more content…
Many people who saw this play during this time period must have had somewhat of similar situations with their fathers and the man who they ended up having to marry. Women during this time period were simply not heard or respected for that matter. There was institutional subordination between men and women. The father seemed to have ultimate say and if the daughter wanted to get married the father would pick a scenario that would somehow benefit him and his family’s future. In Midsummer’s night dream case Hermia is threatened with becoming a nun or being killed if she does not follow her father’s…show more content…
Religion during this time period was arguably the most important part of being alive. So for Thesus to lay it out like Esues is a god, represents how serious the matter is if Hermia doesn’t marry Demetrius. In the eyes of Hermia, she doesn’t seem to think her father is a god and she shouldn’t after what he is threatening to do with her if she disobeys. The next part continues to show how powerful the father figure was. “One that composed your beauties”. This goes back to how some of Shakespeare’s plays seem to have a girl who is beautiful and who seems to be in a tricky situation. The beautiful woman has become very lucky because she is beautiful but she seems to always wants what she isn’t allowed too. The rest of the play is usually filled with challenges and unlucky sequences where the female character has to overcome situations. Usually the only positive mindset these characters have is love. Shakespeare makes these characters who can have any man they want to marry, struggle because in some sense it is the first thing in their lives they have had to really work hard for. Shakespeare wants his audience to see the comedy between a man and a woman within the idea of marriage in his plays. He also wants there to be drama and the act of fighting for what one really believes in. The character has to fight
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