Analysis Of Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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I chose to explore the novel, “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka in more depth because I found this novel to be unusually appealing to me. Since we have read a good variety of pieces from a variety of talented authors, it was a hard choice deciding which novel I wanted to write about. The reason why I settled with Metamorphosis is because it is nothing like you’d expect after reading it judging by the title. I also respect the amount of creativity Franz Kafka put into it. Another reason why I chose this novel is because I feel I have faced a time where I’ve gone through a transition in my life which caused a big transformation. In other words, I feel as though I’ve gone through my own metamorphoses as a student so this novel hits close to home for me.…show more content…
Now knowing the definition, a huge question comes to mind when reading this novel; “How does this piece of modern literature complicate our understanding of identity?” In the novel “Metamorphosis” which is based around the exploration of identity and self-tolerance, readers are left with many questions that confuse us regarding the means of identity. Since there is usually a supporting factor behind a transformation when it happens, we are brought to the main question of why the author Franz Kafka doesn’t give us the explanation of why Gregory’s transformation took place or why it happened to Gregory of all people. After all, he was a good worker who was already in a mature form so in our mind he would be past a “Metamorphosis stage” at that point in his life. He also provided for his family, so why of all people did the transformation happen to him knowing that after the transformation he wouldn’t be able to provide for them? He didn’t deserve to be transformed therefore many questions
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