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Meena Alexander through her diasporic writings and experiences exemplifies that diaspora, displacement or dislocation essentially stems from a sense of loss of identity, an intrinsic need to find one’s ‘self’, one’s roots in a land that is basically alien but where one needs to establish oneself and treat as one’s own. The discussed introductory chapter briefly introspects the diaspora and the diasporic experiences of the people in the diaspora, their reaction to its changing meanings, and the different definitions of diaspora that have evolved over the ages. The term ‘diaspora’ has manifold connotations in the present academic scenario. From the original meaning of dispersal of Jews from their homeland, it has nowadays come to denote…show more content…
The multiple diasporic elements she refers to, take her to a unique zenith of diasporic emplacement and are successful in creating the identity, which she has always tried locating in various migrant situations and circumstances. She symbolizes the contemporary group of writers who are concerned with crossing over from one culture to another without compromising either, negotiating new borders, and reconstructing themselves. “I have in me these worlds that need to be brought together- very crudely, India and America- and sometimes I feel that I keep treading the edge of the fault line in between,” states Meena Alexander in Yellow Light: The Flowering of Asian American Arts (“Meena Alexander” 84). ‘Fault line’, which is the central metaphor in Alexander’s work, draws upon her history of travel in order to display the link between movement and identity or ‘self’. For Meena Alexander’s migrant narrative, language offers a home. The various terrains Alexander has shifted through resonate in her writing, allowing her works to explore the position of the immigrant, marginalized subject. The author continues to explore the notion of creating a life in her writing. She asks what is definitely the most recurring and poignant question in all immigrant literatures: “Can I become just what I want? So is this the land of opportunity, the America of dreams?” (Fault Lines

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