Analysis Of Lori Wick's Every Storm

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One piece of literary work that has changed my life is a book called Every Storm, by Lori Wick. It has changed the way that I look at my family and how much I depend on them for support. This book is set right after World War II and two sisters, Josie and Lorri, are set to head back to the United States (US) from Australia to visit family. On the way back to the US, there is a huge thunderstorm that results in Josie and Lorri’s plane crashing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, Josie and the pilot did not make it, forcing Lorri to survive on a random island alone to fend for herself. Lorri is finally able to reach her home and she is faced with all sorts of challenges physically, mentally, and emotionally. This book has always been one of my favorite books because it taught me that I can get through tragedy with family relationships. Family relationships assist me because they help me focus on my family rather than the tragic event that happened. The effect a family has on one another during a time of difficulty is very strong. One might have a mother, a father, and also brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. These are the people that one will draw closer to in times of need. Besides their spouse, one’s relationship with their mother is the closest relationship one will have with another human being.. For six weeks, Lorri is alone on an island with the two deceased passengers, Josie Archer and Clarence Fuller, and all that she longs for is the accompaniment of her mother. Her only will to live is so that she could be with her mother again since she has not been able to see her for years before because of World War II. In Wick 's book, Every Storm, she says, “ 'Mother, Mother,’ Lorri sobbed, not able to get close en... ... middle of paper ... ...ever we were being chastised by our friends for our faith, we were always there for each other as support. Having a support system through struggle is a vital part for recovery. Even though grief is inevitable during a tragic event, but it is how one responds that makes them a better person. No matter how far away in the past seems to have happened, there is always a way to get through the pain and the grief. Being close with one’s family helps keep focused on other events rather than the tragedy that has happened. It can also help one become a stronger person, both physically and mentally, throughout the whole ordeal. In the book Every Storm, there are many people effected by a tragic event. All of these people are also affected in different ways, whether it be emotionally, physically, or even mentally but were able to depend on their family to get them through it.

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