Analysis Of John Oliver's Perspective On American Culture And Society

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John Oliver’s tenure as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart helped to bring in an outsider’s perspective on American culture and society, given that he is from England. Oliver continued his socially conscious, but wickedly sharp and funny commentary behind the desk of Last Week Tonight. During his June 21st episode, he addressed the issue of online harassment and revenge pornography. Oliver showed that women are horrendously persecuted on the Internet for having even the simplest of opinions, such as liking the fact that there are female captains on Star Trek. He showed that our online safety is something that we take for granted and casually dismiss online threats as not “being real life”. When it comes to situations like these,…show more content…
With large social issues like online harassment it is incredibly easy to reduce the problem to a personal level and make banal statements like “Just don’t take naked pictures of yourself,” or “If you simply ignore the harassment, it’ll go away.” While both of these are ideal solutions, they are simply not practical, given our nature as human beings. For example, you can also ignore a broken toe in the hope that it will “get better”, but, in the long run, it will not heal properly without some form of medical attention. The same metaphor applies to this and most other social dilemmas as well. The cultural problem of Internet harassment is more of a public issue for a variety of reasons. The biggest obstacle that we, as a society, have to overcome is this notion that being persecuted online is “just part of the culture of the Internet”. While it will never be possible to completely eliminate all forms of negativity and pestering online, it still is possible to reduce it to a more manageable level. Like on a fair number of other social issues, America could learn a lot if it strove to emulate its European brothers and

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