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Intertextuality in “Jason who will be famous” The story was written by Dorothy Allison, who was born in Greenville South Carolina to a fifteen- year-old single mother. The story is about a young man walking down the road, while he’s daydreaming. The narrator in the story “Jason who will be famous” tells the story in third person point of view, presenting the thoughts of Jason as he’s taking his journey and thinking of the ways to become famous. He has this real clear picture of himself being interviewed and how he will look, and he’s confident that he’ll be great at it. The story “Jason who will be famous” contains great examples of intertextuality when comparing to “Silent Snow Secret Snow”. One of the examples is the use of imagination in…show more content…
In “Jason Who Will be Famous”, whenever he comes out his daydreaming, that’s when he realized he’s at the edge of the road, where dust, white-grey and alkaline, ha drifted up from his boots. “Jason wipes dust off his mouth and rocks his head from side to side. He glares up the road and resumes his pace, boots kicking dust and his hands gripping the straps of his backpack” (Allison 31). In Silent Snow, Secret Snow, Paul’s thoughts of the real world were presented by using words such as “dirty” to describe the sparrows, “broken” to describe the feathers, “leafless” to describe the trees and so on. Aiken described it by stating, “In the gutter, beside a drain, was a scrap of torn and dirty newspaper, caught in a little delta of filth” (22). Both of them sees the impurities in the real world, and want to change it by creating an internal…show more content…
Jason pictures himself in a world where he won’t be distracted, which will give him the opportunity to focus and achieve his goals. He started thinking about it, planning what he’ll do and how he’s going to make the best out his second chance. “He won’t be like his dad, he thinks, he won’t waste his chances. He’ll grab what comes and run with it” (Allison 34). It will be all about him and the basement, who he will become, who he was meant to become. “In the basement, they won’t feed him much, so he will get all dramatic skinny. He could learn to eat imaginary meal meals and taste every bite-- donuts and hot barbecue wings and stay all skinny and pure. He’s going to come out that basement Brad-Pitt handsome and ready for anything” (Allison 34-35). In his mind, these are all the opportunity that he’ll get to become who he wants to be. In Silent Snow, Secret Snow, Paul’s imagination takes him to his new journey, a pleasant one. “Ah, how heavenly, too, the first beginnings—to hear or feel – for could he actually hear it?—the Silent Snow, the Secret Snow” (Aiken 20). He’s enjoying every moment of his new experience which brings him peace. As the snow mounted, he thought, the world would become peaceful and more silent which to him is a new

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