Analysis Of ' Inherit The Wind And A Dolls House '

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Women’s decisions are often times influenced by the men in their life. Whether it is their husband, father, or an older brother, women sometimes act based on what would please the man in their life most. In the plays Inherit the Wind and A Dolls House, Nora and Rachel exhibit a strong attachment to the men in their life that causes them to lose their true self. Sometimes women get so caught up in trying to please the men in their life that they lose themselves. In the play Inherit the Wind, when Nora visits Bert in jail and is trying to convince him to give up on the fight she says “Everybody says what you did was bad”(Lawrence and Lee 8). Nora has never once thought herself how she feels about the situation, but yet decides that Bert is wrong because everybody says he is. Rachel is not thinking critically and fails at doing her own thinking and staying faithful to her thinking. She cannot understand Bert’s logic because she cannot think for herself. Her only tool of judgment is through her father’s beliefs. It is not until Nora begins to distance herself from her father, that she uses her own mind and says, “You see, I haven’t really thought very much. I was always afraid of what I might think—so it seemed safer not to think at all. But now I know. A thought is like a child inside our body. It has to be born. If it dies inside you, part of you dies too”(Lawrence and Lee 124)! Rachel goes through a transformation and only until she splits from her controlling father does she start to find herself and formulate her own beliefs. Candice Mancini is in agreement when she says “Rachel’s journey from unthinking acceptance of her father’s literal interpretation of Genesis to understanding that she bears the responsibility for... ... middle of paper ... ...on to figure out who she is by educating herself and learning "to stand alone,"29 she is demonstrating a redefinition of forgiveness. This forgiveness does not absolve anyone of blame, but creates a space for future self-realization by refocusing the attention from the past to the present and future (Mahaffey). Mahaffey is explaining here that Nora is going to forget about the past and focus on her individual thinking in the future. Most women like the men in their life to be in control. However, giving a man to much control could put your own self and personality at risk. In the plays Inherit the Wind and A Dolls House Rachel and Nora let their men control their thinking and beliefs for so long that they lost their true self. It was not until they distance themselves from these men did they attempt to regain themselves and develop their own thoughts and beliefs.

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