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Is it Grey’s Anatomy or Real Life? Everyone who has seen Grey’s Anatomy knows all the problems and struggles the characters go through with each episode they watch; they know how much Meredith Grey struggles with her mommy and daddy issues which distract her at work and led her to become emotional involved or make an error with a patient. Everyone has seen the characters on the show have committed at least one mistake that led to the death of a patient or a near to death experience. From the time Callie Torres, an orthopedic surgeon, left a sponge inside of a patient and closed him up to the time George O’Malley, a surgical resident, who nearly killed a patient. But what most viewers who watch Grey’s Anatomy do not fully comprehend is that this is not just in a drama but this is in real life—all doctors make mistakes. In “When Doctors Make Mistakes,” Atul Gawande flatly states that “all doctors make terrible mistakes” (657). In doing so he explains certain failures and errors that doctors commit that led to situations that in danger patients. Gawande first mentions a study that found “…nearly …show more content…

He said, “Studies of specific types of error, too, have found that repeat offenders are not the problem. The fact is that virtually everyone who cares for hospital patients will make serious mistakes, and even commit acts of negligence, every year. For this reason, doctors are seldom outraged when the press reports yet another medical horror story. They usually have a different reaction: This could be me. The important question isn’t how to keep bad physicians from harming patients; it’s how to keep good physicians from harming patients” (658). Like Gawande asked—how do you keep good physicians from harming patients? Even the best of doctors and surgeons manage to make mistakes that led to being sued or even worst—they get to experience the death of their

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