Analysis Of Gabriela Dawson And The Paramedic Gemma Teller

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We all watch these TV shows and we fall in love with them. Sometimes we even fall in love with the people in the show and binge watch the show just because we love the one character. Or we even have that one character that we loathe and wish was never on the show, but we still watch the show because you want to see what happens to the character we hate. For me, I absolutely love Gabriela Dawson from Chicago Fire and she watch that show every Tuesday night at 10/9c. On the other hand, I absolutely loathe Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy. Both these characters are strong women that do what they think is best for the people they love, however Gemma does it in a way that I do not agree with.
Gabriela Dawson, better known as Dawson, is the Paramedic
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Yes, I like how if any one cross her son or someone she loves she makes them pay, but I do not like the way she handles things. Sometimes it is okay to instill fear in someone and that is what Gemma does a lot, but when you physically harm someone for crossing someone you love is when I draw the line. I know that if someone says something about any of my family I will say some not so nice things to them because that’s my family and I will defend them until the day I die. However I do not think I could ever cause someone serious harm or take their lives for doing something wrong tom my family. Why do you need to hurt or kill someone for doing wrong by someone you love? In an episode Gemma kills her son’s wife, Tara, because Tara was trying to take her and Jax’s, Gemma’s son, kids out of Charming and Gemma did not want that and she did not want the kids to be separated from their father. So Gemma killed Tara, which is wrong in so many ways. I actually stopped watching Sons of Anarchy after that episode because I was so mad that Gemma had killed Tara and I hated Gemma so much and seeing her still on the show mad me angry. In ways I admire Gemma because she does not let anyone cause any harm to her family, but I just cannot get passed she can just kill someone for trying to protect their own family. Tara was trying to do what was best for her kids, in the right way, and she ended up losing her life doing
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