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Description ExxonMobil is the biggest and most powerful international Oil and Gas Company in the world. They hold a major share of the global oil and gas resources, specializing in marketing and refining petroleum products. ExxonMobil characterizes themselves, as a technology firm pursuing superior ways to deliver energy for the world. This amazing company has been a leader in the energy industry for over 100 years. The company has several divisions and hundreds of affiliates with names that include ExxonMobil, Exxon, Esso or Mobil. Together they market products all over the world. Safety is the main concern and issue for them; this value is indoctrinated to ensure long-term sustainable performance. These values are also reflected in the company’s business model with objectives of meeting the world’s growing energy demands. Exxon has a very diversified workforce; they recruit and employ the best people from all over the world. They believe that a diversified workforce is essential for providing them with a competitive advantage. Lastly, Exxon regards community and society in the organization as fundamental. The success of the company comes down to being able to interlink business discipline and corporate citizenship. This report will provide an analysis of the internal and external factors involved around Exxon. External Analysis: This industry is composed of four major segments: upstream, midstream, downstream and Service. Upstream is the process of getting the crude oil out of the ground; it is often referred to as E&P or Exploration and Production. The next segment is Midstream; this step is the collection and transportation of crude oil, natural gas by ways of pipelines, tankers and railcars to their destinations downstre... ... middle of paper ... ...ills. This model has been successful for ExxonMobil the world over. The overall goal is that developing business units in Africa will one day be able to offer technical expertise in support of new business developments elsewhere. The organizational structure is very large. At the very top there are the cooperate leaders: Rex Tillerson is the chairman & CEO, directly below him are his three Senior V.P’s and Treasurer, held by Mark Albers, Michael Dolan, and Donald Humphrey. ExxonMobil has a very functional organizational structure very similar to a university. Below the corporate leaders are the different sub companies such as Exploration, production, development, refining & supply, lubricants and petroleum specialties, fuels marketing, and research & engineering. Each sub company equipped with its own: president, HR, marketing, accounting and engineering division.

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