Analyze The Organizational Behavior And Culture Change At General Motors Case Study

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A Proposal to Analyze the Organizational Behavior and Culture Change at General Motors General Motors Company (GM) is an American multinational corporation that manufactures, designs, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services. GM produces vehicles in 37 countries, selling and servicing them through thirteen brands such as Alpheon, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Holden and Wuling (Our Company, 2014). GM is among the world 's largest automakers by vehicle unit sales. It employs about 212,000 people working in 396 facilities touching six continents and has 21,000 dealers around the world (Our Company, 2014). In 2014, GM 's recalls led the industry to recall more than 27 million vehicles, approaching the 30.8 million…show more content…
It includes the organization 's vision, values, norms, systems, beliefs, and habits. Though the challenge of changing the organizational culture at GM is complex, it is not unattainable. In order to achieve its desired public image and to acquire an organizational identity centered on quality and safety, qualitative research on GM’s culture could be facilitated. Intertwined with the study of organizational culture is organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), which is the performance that supports the social and psychological environment in which task performance takes place. OCBs were found to be positively related to overall organizational effectiveness, unit-level performance and customer satisfaction (Greenberg, j., 2013). A study of the OCB in GM may help in the change it aims to implement. GM may start by creating an environment where its employees are truly committed to its safety policy while also increasing their job satisfaction. Organizational justice and motivational theories, like the equity theory, may be used to attain this (Greenberg, J., 2013). Since GM seeks to make their employees speak up, it may come up with a system where those who speak up will not only be recognized but will also be rewarded with both tangible and intangible
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