Analysis Of Cat's Eye And Memoirs Of A Geisha

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The storyline for many fairy-tales follow the same structure, there is a damsel in distress and a hero is there for the rescue. This simple concept is complexed within many classic novels. Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood shows how overcoming traumatic experiences may transform individuals from their state of despair into a peaceful mindset. On the other hand, Arthur Goldman’s Memoirs of a Geisha focuses on a girl who struggles to navigate through the constant obstacles of life. These two novels demonstrate how the lingering effects of a strained past may impact an individual significantly, yet coming across their own personal saviours allows their destiny to take a turn for the better. The protagonists exemplify a common theme throughout the novels: a feeling of betrayal and a saviour’s guidance. This generates inner strength from within the protagonists which allows them to overcome their respective pasts.

The need for a saviour to help repress damage is often due to betrayal; this is shown by the protagonists. In Atwood’s novel, the most climactic betrayal inflicted on Elaine is when one of her friends, Cordelia, manipulates her to go down the ravine causing her to fall through the ice. This leads Elaine on the verge of developing hypothermia. Elaine looks up to her friends for help but is quickly let
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During Elaine’s incident in the ravine, she pictures the woman who seems to be her alternative motherly role; Virgin Mary to help her find an inner kernel of strength. Elaine believes that she has reassured her: “You can go home now…It will be all right. Go home”(202). This is a critical moment that reverberates throughout the book as Mother Mary, her saviour and newfound guardian seeks to restore Elaine. Therefore, this provides a turning point at that moment as Elaine’s tragic experience causes her to repress her memories with Cordelia; this allows her to have a more positive

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