An Analysis Of Against School By John Taylor Gatto

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Have you ever wondered if our education system has flaws? Well in the article “Against School” written by John Taylor Gatto, Gatto once a teacher explains how public education weakens the youth. He starts off the paper by saying how he taught for 30 years, went through a termination, and personally witnessed almost all of the schooling flaws. In Gatto’s article he lists very noticeable names, such as George W. Bush, George Washington, James Bryant Conant, and H.L Mencken to name a few. Having taught children for so long Gatto believes he has the expert rule in this subject. He proposes that to bring out the best qualities in a child you have to let them make decision and let them take their own risks. Gatto’s mission in this article is to make you consider, if school is actually important.
Gatto states that students believe that teachers do not have any passion in the subject that they teach. The students said the work is stupid, made no sense to them, and that they already knew most of the information being reviewed. Students wanted something that mattered, that actually affected them and others. Sitting in a class and being lectured to, does not give them affect in anything they do. Students also said that the teachers had no interest in learning
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Which the U.S in the long established their educational system over. The whole basis of the early educational system came when many immigrants started migrating to America. Prussia’s view to order the citizens were to make everyone manageable. Gatto believes there are certain people who have have had an impact in how our schooling system is based off of. One person is James Bryant Conant, a former president of Harvard, just one of the many great things he’s done, has set a style and degree of standardized testing that we still use today. Without Conant we also would not have large high schools. What does Alexander Inglis say is the true purpose of

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