Analysis Of Adam And Eve

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704 words

The creation story takes a place in a very beautiful garden that was called later “Eden.” In the beginning of the story, Adam begins his life alone with the other animals. By the time God creates him a helper and unfortunately, she is a woman. Adam have no clue in how to treat this woman, he never experienced living with a human. While Adam was struggling and trying to figure out how to live with this woman and how to treat her, Eve had a plenty of time to understand this life and the purpose of living. Adam plays the conservative role as Twain presented him, which always gave the chance to Eve to have her way in the first step of an act. The entertaining fact about their relationship, is that Adam and Eve have no idea about who the other one …show more content…

He thinks that she is his past, because she is always behind him and following him as his shadow. Because he was alone since he was created, he did not used to be around creatures that talk so much. One of his wishes was that Eve does not talk and he stated that, “I wish it would not talk, it is always talking.” (Twain, p:21). Adam justified his wish by mentioning that he never had the chance to hear a human voice before, and “it sounds like a cheap fling at the poor creature.” (Twain, p:21). However, he realized that this kind of sounds is smiler to his sound. How Twain explained Adam’s opinion on Eve’s sound, is that he did not like …show more content…

Adam said, “It is right on my shoulder and right on my ear” by reading these words, you can sense how the writer is trying to approach the sensation of Eve’s sound on Adam’s perception. Also, you can get a sense that Adam felt something, Eve’s sound had touch his feelings. Adam described Eve as a small creature with the long hair. She eats too much fruits and he was afraid that they will run out of food because of her. The first Friday after god creates Eve, Adam stated that his life is not as happy as it was. (Twain,p:23). It was disappointing, because God created Eve to be his helper, and they are spouse to get along. Once God created Eve, Adam spent his time complaining rather than enjoying Eve’s company. As the truth to his nature, Adam prefer to do everything by himself rather than sharing the work and the garden with Eve. Twain showed us Adam’s character in a very comic way, which gave us the sense that Eve is enjoying her work in bothering Adam. The character of Adam presented by Mark Twain as a doer more than a thinker. He is more into working than thinking and imagining, which is the opposite of Eve’s personality. As an example, Eve took the

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the creation story takes place in a beautiful garden called later "eden." adam and eve have no idea about who the other one is, nor what are the surroundings.
  • Analyzes how adam expressed his annoyance at how eve's behavior was annoying. he wished that eve would not talk, but he found it close to his sound which grabs his attention.
  • Analyzes how twain shows adam's character as a doer rather than thinker. he is more into working than thinking and imagining, which is the opposite of his personality.
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