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The Garden of Eden album is composed of six stories and poems, all about the Genesis story about Adam and Eve in the garden. Each story and poem have different writers and poets, telling their own rendition of the story of Adam and Eve. Each writer has their own ideas of what may have happened in the garden some may be true and some may be false, but there is great deal of uncertainty within the Genesis story.A common theme among the Garden of Eden album is the lack of information and how the reader has to create their own meaning from the lack of information. To begin with, in the King James bible of the story of Adam and Eve in the garden has a variety missing pieces to what actually happened in the story. To start with, why is the tree of good and evil in the middle of the garden and is it the only…show more content…
To start with, why does Eve rename the animals after Adam already named them. In particular, I do not understand why Eve renames all of the animals even thought Adam already named them, and she gives them names that do not make sense to the what the real life animal looks likes and how it acts. Also, How does Eve have the knowledge of what to call each animal that she runs into. For instance, I do not understand, just like Adam, how does Eve have the knowledge of what to call each animal, and what they look like when she runs into each animal in the wild. Finally, why does Eve like the change after forgetting the names that she gave the animals. For example, I do not get why the last two lines of the poem say that Eve forgot the names of the animals, but then liked the change. The whole end part of that poem was very confusing, extremely hard to read, and understand. To sum up, this poem to me was extremely confusing and very hard to understand why Eve goes around and changes the names of the already named animals but then forgets their

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