An analysis of Yeats’ philosophy and his poems.

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William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was a twentieth century poet who used past events to write poems about the future. Yeats had a very interesting philosophy. He combined his interests in history, art, personality, and society and wrote poems about how these subjects created conflicts in the world. Yeats used his poems and other writings to display his passion for mysticism. Yeats liked to use gyres to show how two different forces struggle against each other. In his mind, these struggles could represent the development of a personality or the fall of civilizations. However, Yeats also liked to imagine completion along with conflict. Yeats’ philosophy of change and stability is expressed through many of his poems.
In his poem, When You Are Old, Yeats expresses his philosophy in a writing towards a woman he once loved. He writes the poem for the woman to read when she is old and not as pretty. This poem very clearly represents his idea that things fall apart, but things also stay the same. Yeats talks about how the woman’s beauty will fade and that she should remember the men...
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