An Examination of Genders in World Regions

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In societies past and present, there have been a variety of ways in which the genders have valued. Although the regions of our world value different icons, gods, or elements, there is one thing in which all cultures value, and that is the people of their society. Since people are high on a culture’s priority list, they value people in different way. Some cultures decide that one sex is superior over the other. Although everyone is valued, there are certain times when some sexes are favored over the other. There have been many primary documents which show us which sex the different cultures value. This will show us that around the world people are not valued the same. This will give us an insight on who these different worldly people value. One of the very first cultures in which have evolved in our world is the Islamic culture. In this specific culture, women have been favored to be protected. From the first time they are born they are made to be protected. Their first protector is their father. They are attached to their father always so that they too can be able to make it into heaven. This can be proven by, “He who brings up two girls through their childhood will appear on the Day of Judgment attached to me like two fingers of a hand…” Sometimes there are women who are not protected by their fathers, in this case it is up to other men to watch over them. These men are also responsible for taking care of the orphans since they too cannot protect themselves from the dangers of life. If a man does not protect the welfare of a woman or an orphan they will be considered sinful which will keep them away from entering the kingdom of heaven. This can be seen by, “Allah, I declare sinful any failure to safeguard the right of two wea... ... middle of paper ... ideas. In conclusion, people are valuable in all cultures. They are valued more than any animal, livestock or material object. They are all doing these things to please their higher powers. These people are strong for being able to support themselves and their faith by participating in these activities. These particular observations have been seen observed over the years and some of these traditions are still in place today. This just shows how much of an impact the past has on our current world. Works Cited A Sati’s Sacrifice, “Vikrama’s Adventures,” in History 120 Course Reader, ed. Yuriy Malikov (SUNY College at Oneonta, 2010), 66 Confucius, “The Analects” in History 120 Course Reader, ed. Yuriy Malikov (SUNY College at Oneonta, 2010), 26 Nawawi, Imam, “Garden of Righteousness” in History 120 Class Reader, ed. Yuriy Malikov (SUNY College at Oneonta, 2010

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