The Ideal Governments of Plato and Aristotle

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In Ancient Greece, people known as philosophers began contemplating the world in a different light. They had a different way of thinking than what was normal in the day. While others practiced paganism and worshipped the Gods of Olympus, philosophers thought about the body, the soul, and ways to create a better world. Greek philosophers are still known today and their works are still being read and taught. They have left a mark on this world. One topic that philosophers frequently discuss is politics and government. How could they make it less corrupt? Is the one they have now satisfactory or could it be better? What are the different forms of government and how do they connect to the individual person? Which one is the best? These are some questions that Greek philosophers answered in their teachings. Plato and Aristotle are two great philosophers who formulated separate ideas of government that concurred in aspects such as the importance of justice while differed in areas relating to the ideal ruler. Both philosophers lived in ancient Athens with a democratic government that contrasted with their ideal governments though Aristotle’s had more similarities than Plato’s with Athens. Whose government is the best is subject to opinion though it can be argued that Aristotle’s is the best.
Plato and Aristotle’s philosophies on the best governments are complex though it is possible to separate their opinions and lay out their cities so that it is understandable through topics that they both touch on greatly. Aristotle and Plato considered the different types of government that existed in their time periods and dissected them to understand which ones were the best. From their understanding, they separately decided on the best...

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