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Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois. His parents were Nelle Wilson Reagan and John Edward Reagan. Reagan was nicknamed “Dutch” as a child by his father who said that he resembled “a fat little Dutchmen.” Since the Reagans didn't have much money, they moved throughout the Midwest in search of work. Soon they finally settled in Dixon, Illinois, when Reagan was barely twelve years old. Here he finished school and graduated with athletic and also with extracurricular honors. After high school, Reagan enrolled in Eureka College, which was ran by the Disciples of Christ. Here Reagan established himself as a student leader. Although his grades might not have been the best, he graduated from the college in 1932 with degrees in both sociology and economics. During the depression work was hard to find for Americans; however, Reagan kept searching. Then, as if by a stroke of luck, he landed a job as a radio announcer for the WOC radio station. With his homely personality and radio-friendly voice, he was soon promoted to the larger sister station located in Des Moines, Iowa called the WHO. Here Reagan was a sportscaster for the local university’s football games as well as the Chicago Cubs. Soon he became very popular and was loved by everyone who listened. In 1937, Ronald moved to Los Angeles hoping to become an actor in Hollywood. After many auditions, Warner Brothers soon hired him to act in their low-budget films. He eagerly accepted the offer and was soon staring in his firm film called Love is in the Air. During his first two years, Reagan appeared in roughly fifteen films. His two most well-known movies were Knute Rockne, All American (which he played the... ... middle of paper ... ...In 1990, Reagan was subpoenaed to testify in one of the many investigations involving the Iran-Contra scandal, but his testimony was quickly dismissed when questioners realized that Reagan had trouble clearly remembering events that occurred during his administrations. Doctors soon determined that Reagan had developed Alzheimer's disease and that his memory had truly been affected. Reagan soon wrote a letter to the public describing his disease as the “sunset of his life”. Soon after the publishing of his letter, Reagan and his wife Nancy seemed to disappear from public life. On June 5, 2004, Ronald Reagan died due to pneumonia complicated by his Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 93. He was survived by his wife and children. Ronald Reagan was soon laid to rest for the rest of eternity at the Presidential Library he established in Simi Valley, California.

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