The International Impacts of Ronald Wilson Reagan

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Ronald Reagan was the true political icon of the twentieth century. The former president is one of the most beloved in American history, and was one of the most respected by foreign nations. Ronald Reagan’s political influence was unprecedented and changed the course of international history.

Ronald Reagan began spreading his political opinion in a way most future politicians do not – acting. Reagan was a young and vibrant man which made him perfect for roles in the media. He had far more influence than the typical actor, though. Reagan took part in propaganda movies during World War II designed to aid the war effort. Not only did Reagan perform roles in recruitment movies such as Rear Gunner, which was requested by the military to try to encourage people to join the air force, but he also performed in fundraiser films such as This is the Army, which raised millions of dollars for the war effort (American). Obviously, this does not mean that Reagan won World War II for the United States. Although, Reagan, while he did not go to war himself, played a noteworthy and significant role on the home front. Due to his efforts, the United States was able to better carrying out its various objectives in the war.

Reagan wanted to rid Hollywood of communist influences. He was inspired by the Democratic beliefs of his parents and of President Franklin Roosevelt. Reagan joined and eventually became the president of the Screen Actors Guild, which was a union for actors. He worked to clean the union of any suspected communists, and Reagan was a FBI secret informant. He was requested by the FBI to turn in the names of any suspected communists (Ronald Reagan: Biography). Eventually, Reagan became worried innocent people may become targeted. He...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ronald reagan was involved in american politics even before his presidency. he was a member of the democrats, and he campaigned frequently for democratic candidates.
  • Analyzes how reagan's actions and foreign policy were not limited to cold war approaches, but also had other impacts on foreign nations.
  • Analyzes how reagan's actions in the cold war ended the conflict between the united states and the soviet union.
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